JacksNstuff Provides Ethernet Cabling / Network Cabling In The Los Angeles Area. We use quality Cat5e Cat6 and certify Each Run For Compliance. We Have Been Cabling Networks For Over 15 Years and Have Hundreds Of Miles of Ethernet Cable Under Warranty In Los Angeles Without a Failure. JacksNStuff Has Designed and Implemented Computer Networks In Many Industries Ranging From Animation Studios to Accounting Firms and Doctor Offices. Our Networks Are Designed to Meet the Needs Of Our Clients Today and Far Into the Future

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 Telephone Sysems

X Blue X16 - $259.00
NEC DSX 40 $380.00
Panasonic $363.00


 Quality  Network Cabling
Jacks N Stuff can deliver a broad range of telecommunication and networking services of exceptional quality at competitive prices. When we develop a Local Area Network we make sure the physical design and layout provides a robust, reliable and efficient operating system that will meet your needs both today and the future.

 Network Cabling Soluions to Fit Your Needs
JacksNStuff provides Network moves and relocation, Network Cabling, and additional network jacks with cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cable. We insall Patch Panels with lead pipes, switches, routers and racks with panduit Ethernet cable management solutions. We insall Nework Printers and All in Ones. All of our Network Cable is tested and labeled, cirtified for Cat5e compliance, crosstalk, packet loss, split pair, defects in cable manufacture and length. Yes the length of an Ethernet cable run matters. Cat5e must not exceed 326 feet, Cat6 1000 feet. The average run is between 50 and 100 feet.

Considering VOIP ?
There are many things to consider when choosing the right VOIP solution. VOIP isnt for everyone. There are many Cloud providers and many inhouse hosted solutions, bandwith to consider and Network Infastructure. Many Diffrent definitions of a SIP Trunk. There really is no such thing as a SIP Trunk. There is SIP,( Session Initition Protocall), and there is traditionally what the telephone companies call a Trunk,(a telephone line). We can help find a solution that will fit your needs and budget and even let you know wether or not VOIP is for you

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